12 Behaviors Displayed by the Most Empathetic People





While they may not subscribe to any deities, sacred writings, or tradition, they are often in touch with the Universe. They feel the pain and injustices in the world, and they search for ways to make a difference in their community. Empaths are usually tolerant of other beliefs and seek to find common ground with others.

10. Most Empathetic People Realize That They Can Attract Toxic People

One of the downsides of being an empath is that you are easily drawn into people’s emotional turmoil. It becomes the perfect storm with the person acting as an emotional vampire, and it drains the empath of their time, resources, and energy. The empath doesn’t want to hurt the person’s feelings, so they are often walked on like a welcome mat.

When empathetic people are aware of this pitfall, they can avoid being toxic or overly needy. It’s fine to be a sounding board with a kind word, but you needn’t be a built-in therapist. Empaths may need outside help to break free of toxic relationships.


11. Empaths Are Born Helpers

Talk to almost anyone in a helping profession, and you’ll probably discover how empathetic they are. These people are often drawn to careers that allow them to reach out to those struggling or who need assistance. You’ll find them as teachers, medical professionals, counselors, and any work that involves listening and helping.

12. Empathetic People Are Different

If there were ever a square peg in a world of round holes, it would be the empath. Since childhood, they often have felt like they never fit in with their family, friends, or the rest of the world. Until they find peace with their uniqueness and abilities, it can cause them much anguish and trouble in life.

When empathetic people find their niche, they become comfortable in their skin. They embrace their differences and use them as tools to learn and grow. Empaths are usually the best people to help others find their way.

most empatheticFinal Thoughts on the Most Empathetic People

Most empathetic people know that sharing in the pain of others is a valuable gift when used correctly. If you’ve noticed any of these twelve behaviors in your life, you’re probably an empath. As you love giving support to others, don’t forget to be kind and support yourself.


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