11 Celebs Who Are Godparents to Another Famous Person

11 Celebs Who Are Godparents to Another Famous Person


A friendship can be strengthened even further when our children are born, and we decide to choose godparents for them. Just like us, celebrities might decide to give this important role to their closest friends as well, who are often also part of the same industry. That’s why many famous people call another celebrity their godmother or godfather.

We at Bright Side think godchildren can develop a very strong bond with their godparents, and these pairs of famous people are there to prove it.

1. Macaulay Culkin and Paris Jackson

The Home Alone star was good friends with Michael Jackson, and so the late pop star made Macaulay godfather to all 3 of his children. Paris and Macaulay share a strong bond up to this day, and she often turns to her godfather for advice about acting as well. Recently, Paris shared a sweet tribute to Macaulay on his birthday, writing “I love you so so dearly and keep you very close to my heart. Always.”


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