11 Actors and Actresses Who Turned Down Million-Dollar Roles

11 Actors and Actresses Who Turned Down Million-Dollar Roles


John Travolta turned down the role of Forrest Gump and Jack Nicholson considered it impossible to play a Sicilian man without actually being one, that’s why it was Al Pacino who got the role of Michael Corleone. Still, these actors managed to star in many movies that brought them success and fame. However, sometimes things turn out to be a bit different and the turndown of a role ruins all the hopes for a bright career.

We at Bright Side decided to find out what significant roles were turned down by actors and how it affected their professional fate.

1. Emily Browning — Bella Swan, Twilight saga

Today, it’s hard to imagine someone else apart from Kristen Stewart as the main character of the Twilight saga. However, initially is was Emily Browning who was considered for the role. If that had happened, Bella Swan would be totally different.

But Browning turned the role down. Later she said that she doesn’t regret making this decision because the actors who played in the flick became enormously successful and famous, and she was not ready for that.


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