10 Ways to Stop Resisting Change and Move Forward




Do they see it as positive or negative? Sometimes, changes you’re making aren’t the best for you, and you can’t often see this when you’re in the thick of it. Stepping back and looking at things from another perspective can be very eye-opening.


10. Become a “Change Champion.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if your personality was so adaptable that you could handle any changes that come your way? Resisting change is normal, but why do you have to be so resistant to anything good that might come your way? You have the power to become a change champion, meaning that you learn to roll with the punches.

While you may not like any alterations in your life, they can also bring about amazing things. Have you ever seen someone who rearranges their furniture constantly? These people love to change things around and give their space a fresh look.

They’ve learned the power of change and are using it positively to alter the world around them.


resisting changeFinal Thoughts on Resisting Change

Resisting change has many underlying issues. For some folks, they fear the unknown. Others are scared because they don’t like to do anything that upsets their current routine. Finally, some people fear a lack of their abilities.

Some changes you embrace with open arms, and some you’re being forced to do. What if you lose your job, and the bank forecloses on your home? Moving in this instance isn’t your choice, but you’re being forced into doing something.

Sadly, life comes with good changes and bad ones, but you must be willing to learn how to manage your emotions and outlook. Remember, there’s always someone watching you. If you’re upset and nervous about a new job, a move, or some other major upheaval in life, then your children and other family members will feed off your fears.

Learn how to stop resisting change and make the best of it. Where would that caterpillar be if it didn’t go through the drastic process of metamorphosis, and how sad would this world be without the beautiful butterfly visiting your garden?

Life is changing you, humbling you, and molding you into being a better person, so embrace the journey.


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