10 Signs That You Make Someone Nervous





If someone feels anxious around you, then they may cross their legs, purse their lips, and hide the palms of their hands. They’re using body language to tell you they’re nervous, but they’re also closing off things that regard to touch.

When they close their hands, you can’t hold them. When they pierce their lips, they don’t want you to kiss them. Finally, crossing their legs puts their intimate areas off reach too. These observations are primarily observed in the dating world.

nervousFinal Thoughts on Making Someone Nervous

Now that you know what signs can help you identify that someone is nervous, it’s time to break the ice and help them feel better. It’s always best to address the “elephant” in the room. Once you break through these barriers causing them issues, you can move on with business.


If you notice that someone is fidgeting, rubbing their nose, twitching, and running to the restroom, you need to say something to put their mind at ease. They need to be reminded that you’re a human being just like them. Telling a funny joke or laughing can help break the tension, but it all depends on the person.

What is it about you that causes people to feel nervous? Doing a quick evaluation of your overall appearance, attitude, and demeanor can be beneficial. Is there something about you that you can change to make people feel more comfortable in your presence?

You may be a very likable person, but the other party is the one with the issue. According to the National Library of Medicine, someone who suffers from social anxiety disorder fears social situations as they’re worried they will have a panic attack. Social anxiety can be crippling, and it can turn into agoraphobia if left untreated.

Dealing with nerves and anxiety can be difficult, but you can help someone with these issues, at least when they’re with you.


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