10 Phrases That Reveal a Relationship Isn’t Meant to Last

meant to last



9. “You must be PMSing again.”

This statement is rude anyway, but when used in response to you being upset, it is disrespectful. Everyone is allowed to get upset, and their feelings shouldn’t be blamed on something else. Your partner should always consider what is upsetting you instead of being dismissive in this way.


Even if you were upset over something insignificant, your partner should never use this statement. You have a right to express your emotions, and your feelings should always be addressed respectfully. This statement shows that your partner is also immature, which is a precursor to more red flags.

10. “I wish you were more like…”

Anytime your partner compares you to someone else, it is a red flag. It is disrespectful and an obvious sign that they don’t like you for who you are. Your partner should never want you to be like anyone other than yourself.

If your partner is comparing you to an ex, then the issue is even more severe. It is rude, but it also shows that your partner isn’t over their past relationship. You can’t expect them to fully commit to your relationship if they are still stuck in the past.


meant to lastFinal Thoughts on Phrases That Reveal a Relationship Isn’t Meant to Last.

When you are in a relationship, you should feel secure and comfortable. If your partner uses the phrases discussed, it signifies that your relationship isn’t meant to last. You don’t deserve to feel insecure or unhappy, and you deserve respect no matter what is going on.

If you find that your partner uses these disrespectful phrases, don’t allow the behavior to continue. You can try to address the issue before walking away if you want. Be prepared to end, though, because all phrases are signs that it isn’t meant to last.

You should never feel like you must change to appease your partner. They should accept you for the person you are and care about you no matter what. Keep these phrases in mind as you listen to your partner speak, and pay attention to signs that it isn’t meant to last.


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