10 Easy Ways to Open Up Your Heart Chakra

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Your true friends and loved ones won’t judge you, and they will always show love and compassion. They will encourage you to be true to yourself, and they will never make you feel unloved.

When you feel like your chakra is closed, make plans to spend time with your loved ones. If you can’t spend time physically, then give them a call instead. Be intentional as you connect with them so that your heart will open quickly.

If you can’t call your loved ones, either, then you can envision them in front of you. As you visualize them, allow yourself to feel the love that you have for the person. It will ease your negative feelings and effectively open up your chakra.

10. Try Sound Therapy

Sound therapy involves different frequencies and pitches. You listen to them in a sound video or recording, and it helps bring balance to your mind and body.


The tones used for this type of therapy are associated with different feelings. Since everyone experiences differing emotions, the tones that work for one person may not work for another.

heart chakraFinal Thoughts on Easy Ways to Open Up Your Heart Chakra

When your heart chakra closes, it can hinder your ability to love and be loved. Opening it back up is essential to your overall well-being and becoming a more positive person. These tips for re-opening the chakra will help you overcome the negative energy that is holding you back.

Once your chakra reopens, you will experience more love in your life, including self-love. Don’t miss out on living the most meaningful life possible by leaving your chakra closed. Try these tips instead, and keep working on ways to keep it open.

The more you work on opening your chakra, the more effective it will be. Plus, you won’t struggle with it closing as much, either.


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